The King's School currently serves 14 communities where only 1 in 20 adults can read or write, and less than 6 in 10 children attend school.

The lack of education in the district is directly related to the poverty and generational deprivation within the communities. The King's village acknowledges this struggle and is tackling it by providing a school which currently teaches more than 350 pupils from nursery to junior high level. 

The children are taught by highly motivated Ghanaian teachers who strive to teach with creative and effective teaching methods. Among other subjects, the pupils are lectured in maths, English, Dagbani, ICT, sciences, and creative arts. 

The student's education is sponsored by families and individuals in the UK and in Ghana who receive updates about their progress. The students come from highly deprived families who are also asked to pay small fees to demonstrate their commitment and interest in their child's education. 

We have established a second school called The King’s Tehillah School situated at Lingunga, about 40km from the King's Village and teaches 150 children at primary level.