Only 1 in 20 adults in Northern Ghana are literate.  We’re providing schooling to hundreds of children, transforming theirs and their families' lives - at two school sites, offering both primary and secondary education.

We seek to provide quality education in deprived communities where children are disadvantaged and have very little opportunity. We are educating 522 children in our schools.

Each child connected to our schools is incredibly precious and we have been given permission by them and their parents/carers to display their photographs, names and short biographies. Our purpose is to empower, protect, and support them through their education so they can achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and their community.

You can sponsor a child (£15/month) from the photos below. 

You can sponsor from anywhere in the world, from Ghana to the U.K. to the US, Europe and any country with your Debit or Credit Card.

For more information, please email officeuk@thekingsvillage.org

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